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Meet Tim Katsch

Tim Katsch is a former Franchise and Petcare Executive who has built real estate, operations, marketing, and finance teams. He has held positions ranging from Director to Executive Vice President. Finding an executive recruiter with hands on P&L experience, company scaling experience and brand leadership is not an asset all executive searching and coaching firms in Franchising or Pet Care have.


Tim started his academic career focusing on economics; this led to a life of looking at human interactions through the lens of maximizing utility. He moved into a career in training and development, which grew into executive roles within retail services and the franchise industry. Along that journey, no matter what industry he was in, coaching was the key to business success. A coaching mindset enabled him to help the companies he worked with and promote the growth of our team members.

The Idea

Life led to his passion project, Coach-Up Worldwide, where he invent the Coach-Up challenge track form used today by many companies in the United States to replace “Written Warnings” or “Write-Ups”. The idea was to lean away from a progressive discipline mindset and be more developmental in organizational approached. From this idea Tim Katsch led a morphing into a Coaching and Recruiting firm.


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Tim is proud to be affiliated with such amazing universities, organization and action networks.

Advisory Council Member – Transformative Leadership
Seton Hall University

The Transformative Leadership in Disruptive Times Program at the Seton Hall University Stillman School of Business helps you innovate through digital transformation by identifying the value in emerging technologies, business models, and resources at your organization. Combining industry thought leaders and top academic faculty, Transformative Leadership develops your understanding of a range of topics and skills to navigate a turbulent environment and emerge with a competitive advantage.

Board of Governors Member
Institute of Certified Franchise Executives (IFA)

The Board of Governors for the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives supports the International Franchise Association in reviewing content, testing platforms, creating course outlines and discussing ideas as the IFA grows and invests in the education arm of the franchise industry.

Board of Governors Log
Logo of Franchise Action Netowrk

Franchise Action Network Member

Tim Katsch has been a participant with the Franchise Action Network  for over five years representing the state of New Jersey. The Franchise Action Network (FAN) stand alongside nearly 100,000 advocates nationwide who are dedicated to creating and protecting jobs, supporting businesses in their local communities, and highlighting how franchising is helping America recover and reopen. Throughout the year FAN members will write to their local congressional leaders about important topics that impact the franchise industry. Each year Tim Katsch attends the Washington D.C. fly in, head to Capital Hill and meet with Senate and House representatives to discuss legislation that impacts the franchise industry.


Certified Franchise Executive (CFE)

Tim received his certificated franchise executive (CFE) designation. The CFE is the most recognized designation and educational authority within the franchise industry. The CFE program has an array of course offerings in franchise management, leadership, and small business in order to gain insights into franchise strategy and operations.

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Leadership is always evolving. Not year by year but day by day. With that in mind continuing education is the cornerstone of Coach-Up Worldwide.

Education Portfolio

Logos of Education for Tim Katsch

Leadership Style

“My leadership style is customer focused servant leader who uses coaching, emotional intelligence and franchise industry best practices to foster deep and meaningful relationships. I believe one of the most important leadership characteristics is the ability to be agile and continually adapt both in your strategic plan and in the way you interact with each person you lead. Everyone is unique, and in that uniqueness lays the key to innovation, performance, and workplace happiness.

I believe as Daniel Pink stated in his book Drive, autonomy, mastery, and purpose are the most important motivating factors, and I add best contributors to workplace and career enjoyment. In the knowledge worker industry micro managing, not investing in your team and being solely focused on profits has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Leaders recognize the people that are with them can achieve goals independent of “that’s the way its always been” or “here is how I want you to do it”.

Leaders invest their thoughts, their time and their money in up-skilling, coaching, and development. Leaders believe in something that truly gets them out of bed in the morning, they unit teams within individual and common purposes. Leadership is nuanced and ever changing; but it’s not a unicorn skillset. If we put our self in team members shoes, if we actively listen and question with curiosity; everyone can lead.”