A quick story to describe the roots of our coaching experience

In my past life from young boy to the end of college I worked in my family’s upholstery shop on Bruckner Blvd in the Bronx. We cut our hands working with wood, banged up our knuckles as we hammered in tight quarters, pulled twine so tight that blisters were inevitable, and fingertips no longer existed after working the fabrics.

No piece of furniture we produced was alike. Every piece was original. Not one of a thousand, one of a hundred, or one of ten. Every piece was one of one. You see are clients were each unique. Different sizes, different shapes, changing desires and changing tastes. Some like their cushions hard and some like them soft. They could be made of goose or down. Some liked the feel of velvet and others maybe a special cloth. The combination was endless, and the results were limitless. At the end of the day we built it; just for them. 

One day when I was young, I asked my father “why do people pay so much money for chair, sofa or headboard. When you can buy them in a store”

What he said changed my life and how I viewed what we did. 

“Son, my purpose is to take someone’s vision and turn it into reality. Dreams cannot be purchased off a shelf. When you buy furniture in the store you buy it for cheap; so, you can throw it away in 5 years. When you buy furniture from Katsch Upholstery you can keep it for a lifetime and pass it on to your children.”

Coach-Up Worldwide embodies that same philosophy my dad shared over 20 years ago. But instead of creating furniture, as a coach we are creating the desired outcome, result, or change.

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