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Our goal is the be masters of the Franchise Market and in turn Franchise Executive Search. This means knowing the brands that operate in the franchise space and knowing the individual candidates that make up those companies. Our promise is not to be the jack of all trades. Rather we will focus our franchise executive search by shining light on the right places in the franchise industry to identify, attract, evaluate, and land top talent in Franchising.

We are heavily focused on data-driven decisions and digital means to communicate with the right candidates. In franchising, we have identified what we call “magnifiers” that franchise professionals present on paper, in person, and in the way they speak about the industry. We strongly believe that making a transition is not easy. Coaching we found was the best tool to support candidates in resignation, transitions and then onboarding onto a new brand.  Technology, Magnifiers and Coaching set us apart from other Executive Search and Recruiting Firms.

Franchise Business Executive Recruiting

The Coach-Up Worldwide Franchisor Recruiting Core 4

Identify, Attract, Evaluate & Onboard Top Talent

Identify Role and DNA

What hire is best for your franchise company right now? Who will be the best cultural fit to thrive with your brand? What’s your strategic plan and how will this person help get you there?

Every position is unique because it lives within a brand with a different DNA than other brands in the same industry. We will go through a franchise team launch process to help define the ideal candidates by designing an avatar on paper for your role. Then we will validate if this avatar candidate fits into the strategic plan you want to achieve.

Coach Up DNA Stage


Once we have a guided range of key traits your franchise organization is looking for we will explore where this individual might inhabit through research and sourcing leveraging our Coach Up Recruiting Intelligence Platform . From job boards to our franchise network, from LinkedIn to another company’s door we will find candidates that can help you achieve your vision.

We will share your story, your values and your franchise DNA to attract top candidates and lead a discovery process both for the franchise client and prospective candidate.


Not every candidate is the right fit for every franchisor client. Just as not every franchisor client is the right fit for every candidate. Our daily mission is to evaluate candidates and how they align with the DNA and goals of the franchise client. While at the same time helping the candidate determine if a particular opportunity is a right fit for them and their career path.

Our interview question are bespoke to draw out the Coach-Up 25 core characteristics that top executives posses. We will speak to references to validate our candidate journey.  Learn about candidates on the heart level through emotional intelligence surveys. In The CARE stage we listen, we question with curiosity, and we uncover the best match.

Onboard & Beyond

To bring the best executive or management team member on board you first have to make sure your compensation package, culture and the needs of the candidate align with the opportunity offered. While the entire recruiting journey uncovers that story its the offer and the acceptance of that offer that sets the stage for a new journey to begin.

From offer we move onto onboarding. Candidates may need to relocate, put in notice with their current organization, they will be meeting new team members, solidifying their 90 plans, getting specialized training or enrolling in benefits. We act as a coach through this stage. To make sure the candidate and the client seamlessly transition and set forth on long productive relationship into the future.

Our Franchise Recruiting Division Guarantees its Placements

“If you don’t find the top talent, the A players, the ones who can propel your company into the future; your competition will.”

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