Franchise Owner Coaching

Congratulations on being a franchise owner. It’s a rewarding journey. 

You joined a brand, made the investment, and had your grand opening or grand launch of services. Owning a franchise or a small business is very rewarding and can create generational wealth for you and your family. Sometimes though it can be overwhelming. Which prompts a question:

Are you buried in the day to day? Want time to work on your business, not in it?

Being inside your business leads to…

Not Intimately Knowing
Your Numbers

Accounting properly for expenses is important. Managing working capital and cash is key. Having KPI's you are looking on a weekly basis is critical and reviewing your P&L regularly is a must.

Incomplete Execution of Marketing Plan

Stepping back is important, to see what's working and what's not. Spending time reaching out to key contacts that will add to your bottom line. What do you do that generates 80% of your business. Once you check your watch is there time to get out into the community?

Undeveloped Employees & Inconsistent Culture

One of the greatest investments is developing and upskilling team members. When you are working to much on day to day tasks the reviews, one-on-one sessions, team building, and investment of time into growing leaders of tomorrow gets placed on the back burner.

Negative Impacts on
Personal Life

We have seen small business ownership impact families, finances, mental health and overall experience of life. When you are in your business for 10 hours a day, five to seven days a week something or someone generally suffers.

An independent Coach can solve for that. We created a proprietary method called Franchise Chemistry.

The Franchise Chemistry coaching program is built off 9 pillars that drive unit economics, workplace culture and personal fulfillment.


Culture boils down to how you do things at your business, the atmosphere employees enter into each day, and the sharing of core values to achieve a common mission. When entering our Franchise Chemistry Coaching Program culture will be the last topic we touch on. We start with YOU and work our way back to culture. The other 8 topics create the foundation for your businesses culture.

Human Resources

At this stage we discuss challenges and wins when it comes to your team. We will also talk about recruiting and onboarding of new team members.


Economics encompasses many number driven topics. In this stage we will review your budget (if you don’t have one that’s ok). We will look at key performance indicators that drive the unit economics. Also we will review your P&L’s and support you in getting more intimate with your numbers.


In this stage we discussed marketing from franchisor recommendations to digital and local plans.


In the implementation stage we look at what enables to day to day operations to take place. We look at equipment, software, tools, and the complete training program. After all the quality of your training determines the comfortability and confidence your staff has in their role.

System Compliance & Challenges

Franchise systems by nature are designed to deliver a specific product or service and standardized customer experience. This could be a hot button topic, but one of the advantages of working with an independent Coach is we do not have a bias rather we can take both sides of topic and normalize the experience. Our goal is to support you in working with your franchisor, stay in compliance with the system and leverage how we can help the franchise system work for you.

Time Management

Time management can be the root of many franchise owner challenges. Together we will discuss your current schedule, find opportunities, free up time to work on your business and have personal time for yourself and family.

Review & Revise

This stage is where we review the past year, review long term plans, set plans for the coming years and draw a road map for achieving your goals.


This is where we will start. After all regardless of what your business may need or desires you have to take care of yourself. What goal(s) if achieved would change everything for you?

What You Get


As a coach we are not telling you what to do. We are asking questions with curiosity and listening attentively. Through this interaction, and intersection you don’t have with people in your day to day life; we are able to make discovery’s, create breakthroughs and since solutions from a different perspective. Truly great coaching is a magical experience.

Accountability Partner

Let’s be frank. Sometimes a reminder is all we need and others times a kick in the butt is what gets us to take action. When you are accountable to someone for something you are more likely to take action, push another step forward and ultimately reach the finish line.

Unbiased Perspective

Your field consultants with the franchise brand have a wealth of knowledge about what works for their brand. They provide amazing support, and are just a phone call or ticket away. An independent coach is a bolt on to that. We are unbiased in our questions and responses but we have your best interest in mind. We also have a perspective from multiple franchise segments instead of a narrow focus on one.

Access to Years of Franchise Experience

When we engage with a Franchise Owner they are not paying an hourly rate for a hourly job. A fee is for access to the BatPhone where you can call when needed, you are paying for the totality of all the experience our team has. When a question, challenge or idea arises we filter that moment through years of experience assist you in discovering the best outcome. There will be standardized calls or meetings, but its the global experience and access that has value.

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