Coach-Up Philosophy

Coach Up Worldwide believes in people. People are the source of joy, creativity, and purpose. People have the ability to create change, impact lives and elevate those around them. With this in mind we set out to give people from all walks of life; in all industries tools, strategies, and resources they may use to accentuate the abilities they already have and develop those they desire. This fostered the Coach-Up Workplace coaching model for Supervisors, General Managers, and Business Owners.
Once an individual reaches beyond a certain point in their careers a new level of support, accountability, and coaching is needed. This led to our 1-on-1 Executive Coaching engagements.
Being a greater leader does not solely come from within. Rather it can be found in what we create, and enable to grow. This inspired our Culture Explorations to improve work lives around the world by introducing autonomy, purpose, and mastery into people s day-to-day lives.
We believe everyone has a voice. Some people are timid to express that voice or don’t know how to go about doing it. This sparked the creation of our Public Speaking Workshop Journey.
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Striving for Positive Change

We strive to help people, groups and companies day after day; one person at a time become the catalyst for positive change with effective employee coaching strategies. One of the greatest gifts in life is the power to help others. We strive to spark that change in someone through leadership development; perhaps you will then touch many lives and spark further change. Together a spark can ignite the fuel for success not only in changing your business or company but in changing the type of world we live in.

Our philosophy starts with finding opportunities to help management develop leadership skills and then asking how to implement them. The Coach Up concept was not born overnight. Just as change will not occur overnight either. With tiny steps in an upward direction we made progress to create an amazing platform for coaching up employees instead of writing them down as failed employees of the past. You too can take baby steps and ultimately long strides into your businesses future; elevating those around you and building a stronger team.

We Believe in People

People Create Change

Change Occurs Through Coaching


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