Public Speaking Workshop

The Results

“By far the best team I’ve ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it!”

Go on a Journey to find your inner voice, speak without anxiety & share with the world.

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Overcome Fear

Do you fear public speaking, have anxiety when talking to small and large groups, or simply want to give a jolt to your public speaking ability?

We invite you on a public speaking adventure where in only a few hours, you’ll have a new sense of freedom by finding your authentic voice, reducing anxiety (social or negative thinking), and boosting your confidence.

You’ll find a new pathway in life with the new ability to create, share and deliver what you want to say to the world.

How this workshop will help you.

Whether it’s making a speech at a friend’s wedding, talking to the players and parents at a little league game, giving a presentation at work, or being on a stage in front of hundreds; this workshop will create breakthroughs and introduce you to comfort and confidence you have been pursuing.

This journey will need a guide and who better to be your guide than an introvert by heart who has overcome personal battles and will partner with you on your own journey.

Meet Tim Your Workshop Guide

What you will Learn and Experience

Physical Symptoms

Analyze the physical symptoms experienced when public speaking and discover simple tricks to combat each one.

Mental Symptoms

Rewire our minds by diving into the mental symptoms we experience during, before, and after public speaking. We will discuss, fear of the future, nerves, blanking out and being judged then go through a series of exercises to create an environment of rational thinking, desensitization, and preparedness.

Delete the Past
Create a Future

This is the experimental campsite. While this campsite is weird, we will cast off our negative voice, unlearn the feeling of negative anxiety overcome our phobia, and more.

For a Speech

We will get down to brass tacks and learn how to prepare your speech, analyze your speaking world, and synthesize your speech or presentation.


Here we will focus on verbal and non-verbal language, and all the tools you already possess that can create a dynamite delivery. Think tempo, inflection, and body language.


At the conclusion of our adventure; my hope is you will feel a little bit more superhuman. We will celebrate together and plan for the next steps you can take to continue to grow your speaking ability and deliver your message with the world.
Take the Leap

1-on-1 Journey

A one-on-one educational experience on public speaking. Followed by planning session for a future speaking engagement.



Most Popular

Small Group

Designed for 2-4 people in a workshop style where we will experience a public speaking educational journey.



Great Value

Enterprise Experience

Designed for organizations who want to train a large number of team members on public speaking.

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