What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

What Coaching is NOT

Coaching is not a principles office style conversation where you tell others what they are doing wrong or what they are in trouble for. Coaching is not telling others what they should know. Its not about giving answers. And its not about telling others what to do. Coaching is not the same a supervising, you are not overseeing a technical aspect rather your focusing on the individual’s abilities, skills and development.

What is Coaching?

As a coaching you engage in active listening with the overall intention of helping others make discoveries, experience breakthroughs and find solutions.

A coach is a champion for the success of their team members. You overcome challenges together through open dialogue.

Coaching is an investment in the people you have coaching conversations with. You as coach are inquisitive in nature.

There is so much potential and ability to grow that lies within each and everyone of us. Coaching is a key that enables others to unlock the potentional inside

Coaching is Question Driven

Questions hold power that are the spark to change, creativity, empowerment and action. Questions enable thought, answers, and personal buy-in, which leads to self-prompted action that is believed in. When we are told something in life, we accept it, sometimes with open arms, sometimes with much resistance. The power of asking lays within its ability to move past acceptance of what others are saying and what our present realities are to a place where one can take hold of their life, create change, and change their present reality.

Coaching is not about conversation steering  or pushing your ideas on others. In fact you should decrease what you say and allow for others to increase the amount of time they are speaking. One key to achieving this is asking questions. After a question is asked you see a sparkle of transformation begin. Its magical in many ways as you see how creative, capable and motivated others are. The people we work with are wonderful people, they are interesting people and hold so much greatness inside of them. Questions begin to enable us and themselves to see this.

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