Why is coaching important in companies?

Why is coaching important to companies?

Within organizations coaching in the workplace helps leaders become better leaders; they are able to achieve more from the organization and from the people that makeup the organization. People yearn to express themselves, engage and be genuinely involved in the workplace while growing their own skills and knowledge. Coaching helps people grow and flourish as they become a part of something bigger, as they evolve into contributors, creators and ambassadors for the brand and its vision. Coaching culture are becoming the employer of choice not because of pay, perks or privileges but because they believe their leaders will provide a fertile soil for them to become who they want to be.

Coaching has a proven track record of improving workplace relationships, increasing engagement, and boosting the success of the team by respecting and valuing individuals.

Tim Katsch

Employee Benefit

Health Insurance, Dental and Vision are the norm. 401K’s are nice and a local gym membership is cool but coaching in the workplace a transformational  benefit. Coaching is seldom offered yet highly desired. Become an employer of choice by unlocking potential and facilitating growth.

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